Interest Rates, Mortgages and Demographics: The Impact in the Local Real Estate Market

Posted on Aug 19, 2023

The past few weeks we’ve spent a lot of time discussing market conditions and looked at where we think this market is headed. Our intention is to provide education and evidence based interpretation of the market. Unlike major media like newspapers, television and radio we don’t have ad space to sell or need to be sensational in order to attract att...

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Where are all the zombies?

Posted on Mar 11, 2023

The Bank of Canada did not raise interest rates this week.  Bullet dodged there but don’t expect the governments and powers that be to leave the market alone.  We still have an affordability challenge. (really a supply challenge that’ll take a long time to solve, rather than a neat sound bite or a  4 year election cycle solution).
That’s not today’s st...

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